In the run-up to Tomorrowland the Mazda MX-5 showcases its DJ skills by drifting a track. If you can identify the track you may win one of our unique Tomorrowland experiences. The MX-5 will drift the track three times. The faster you recognise the track, the more exclusive the passes.

  • Watch the drift

  • Recognise the track

  • Enjoy your Tomorrowland experience

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Dreamville Easy Tent Experience

3 days for 2 persons

Three days and two nights of fun with these unique packages including your personal Dreamville tent.

Recognise the track with the second drift to win passes including:
  • Personal Tomorrowland tent
  • Access to Dreamville (5 days)
  • Access to The Gathering (21/7)
  • Access to the Easy Tent Community

Full Option DJ Experience

2 days for 2 persons

With these Tomorrowland passes you will experience the festival like a DJ including stage access and a helicopter flight over the festival grounds.

Recognise the track with the first drift to win passes including:
  • Pick-up service at your door
  • Backstage tour
  • Meet & greet with DJs
  • Access to the skybox
  • Experience a DJ set live on stage
  • Helicopter flight over the festival grounds

Tomorrowland Day Experience

1 day for 2 persons

Go berserk for an entire day at the best festival in the world.

Recognise the track with the third drift to win passes including access to the Comfort Zone.

Making of


All instruments within easy reach

The instrument panel is built around the driver to make you feel intimately connected with your environment.

Light body, heavy power

The car's ultralight body and the SKYACTIV-G 2.0 powertrain guarantee a highly dynamic driving performance.

SkyActive Technology

SKYACTIV-Body and SKYACTIV-Chassis give the Mazda MX-5 supreme manoeuvrability.

50:50 weight distribution

The weight of the Mazda MX-5 is distributed perfectly across the entire length of the car, maintaining exemplary stability under all circumstances.


The MX-5's KODO design accentuates its roadster look with every line and curve. Not important for drifting but a pleasure to watch.

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